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Getting ready for fire cupping (Photo by Chloe Jackman Photography)

Getting ready for fire cupping (Photo by Chloe Jackman Photography)

Angelica & Peony: Healing oils and facial serums from physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kirsten Cowan.

AcuCare gift sets: They are available through me at my clinics or by mail. These are great gifts with a choice of Angelica & Peony’s Ginger Menthol balm or Warming Menthol balm; Yin Chiao San for colds and flu; Swarovski crystal ear pellets with instruction card for calming acupressure points; and Nin Jiom herbal cough drops.

Yin Yang Diet: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Food Therapy is an ancient healing nutrition modality which looks at the person as a whole to find the root of their symptoms. Take the Meal Plan Quiz and then purchase the one that’s right for you!

Buckwheat pillow from Beans 72 on Amazon “May relieve common sleeping problems such as; tension, muscle pain, stiff neck, headache and stress.” I recommend this to all patients with head and neck issues.

Yoga Nidra by Cheryl Fenner Brown: I recommend the Yoga Nidra and Yoga Nidra for Healing albums if you’re looking for guided meditations between 5 and 35 minutes long that are done while lying down on your back in savasana.

Buddhify is a clever mindfulness app with many different choices of meditations and different voices to guide you. Scroll through it and find categories such as “Can’t sleep,” “Parks & Nature,” and “Traveling”. There’s a mindfulness meditation for almost every activity you can think of during a regular day.

Mama Month package with soups, body care products, and other goodies for the month after you give birth.

Sitting Moon: A Guide to Rejuvenation after Pregnancy by Daoshing Ni and Jessica Chen This is a really great book that I recommend for all soon-to-be moms to read while in their third trimester to help prepare them for the first month after they give birth. It has Chinese nutrition advice, plus qi gong, acupressure and meditation suggestions.

Acupressure for Natural Pain relief in labor app by Debra Betts: In my labor preparation classes, this is the app I recommend. There are practical, short videos to guide you and your labor partner through acupressure points. (Follow the links on the left side of the page to get the smartphone apps.)

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Audio Program by Rachel Yellin who teaches childbirth preparation, does hypnotherapy/depth hypnosis and counseling, and teaches yoga in San Francisco and Marin.


Health care practitioners:

Bria Larson, Larson Acupuncture: Chinese Medicine and Maya Abdominal Massage

Back To Life Wellness Center: massage, acupuncture, esthetician services, homeopathy and yoga

Zoey Anderson, Alameda Doula – Zoey is a DONA International trained doula, practicing in the East Bay and San Francisco.

Nicole Cavales, Yoga & Fertility

Kaitlyn Rhoades, Personal Trainer

Dr. Ricky Fishman, Chiropractor

Nicole Bianchi, Nutritionist

Shanti Pappas, Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Julia Schloesser, Massage Therapist (Prenatal Massage)

The Immune Enhancement Project – providing affordable, accessible, high-quality Traditional Chinese Medicine and other healing arts to the Bay area.

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic– offering complementary alternative medicine treatments and social services for underserved women who have cancer.

St. James Infirmary – offers free, confidential, nonjudgmental medical and social services for female, transgendered, and male sex workers.

Aldyth Beltane, All Creatures Healing Network. Information on holistic veterinary healthcare, nutrition and other topics, referrals to holistic and alternative practitioners, and other pet-related services. Phone – 415.504.7332

Other Trusted Professional resources:

Laura Zollar, Artist - Laura painted the Quan Yin image on my home page (and I am using it with her permission).

Marie Murphy, Graphic Designer - Marie does all of my printed materials and logo.

Steve Favarger, Apple Certified Systems Administrator, Mobility Professional: 310.466.4876

Joe Decker, Rock Slide Photography – Nature Photography

Chloe Jackman Photography – People Photography

Von Rock Law – Business, Estate Planning and Real Estate

Anthony Jones, Business Attorney

Kathleen Monroe Design – Interior Design

Chris Eskra, CME Interiors – Interior Design

Sarah MacDwyer, Family Law Attorney: 415.921.6922

Elbert Taylor – Farmers Insurance

Mary Macpherson – Compass Real Estate Group

Maria Neumann, Water Damage Recovery –

Deborah Brown – J. Wavro Associates – specializing in Residential Leasing and Relocation Services

Aisling Cronin, Personal Injury Attorney, Magomedov & Cronin, LLP




Healing for Activists: We are therapists who believe that social justice is essential in personal and community healing, providing low-fee treatments for Black Lives Matter activists in the Bay Area.

Africa Jack: To Better the lives of Children affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa through magical events and connections.

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic: providing free complementary alternative medical treatments to low-income women with cancer

Acupuncture Relief Project: Since 2008, providing acupuncture in rural Nepal.