Denise needling back shu points (by Chloe Jackman Photography)

Denise needling back shu points (by Chloe Jackman Photography)

How should I prepare for my first appointment?

Please fill out the new patient paperwork first, print it, and bring it to your first appointment. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give me 24 hours notice or a late cancellation fee will apply.


How did acupuncture gain exposure in the United States?

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years but it was during President Nixon’s historic trip to China in 1971 that journalist James Reston became ill with appendicitis. In a life-threatening situation, he was hospitalized and his appendix removed. He recovered splendidly. Reston’s appendix was removed and the Chinese doctors used acupuncture as anesthesia! Nixon was understandably impressed. This event is credited with initiating an exchange program between medical practitioners in the two countries and so the door to acupuncture was open. Once in America, acupuncture flourished.


How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture works by accessing Qi (Life Force or Energy) in the body at particular points along meridians or channels. The acupuncturist will make a diagnosis based on looking at your tongue and taking your pulse, and asking detailed questions about you and your health history and lifestyle in order to understand where you need support.

According to her diagnosis, the acupuncturist will choose a treatment plan and a series of points to needle. She may also write a prescription for an herbal formula for you to take between acupuncture sessions.

Does it hurt?

The needles are nearly as thin as a hair on your head. Since there is no opening for liquid (or medicine) to go through the needles are very tiny and therefore almost separate your skin rather than cut into it so that you may feel a slight pricking sensation or nothing at all. After the needles are in place patients report feeling anything from a light tingling to a warming sensation. Some patients find the treatments very relaxing and can feel the benefits almost immediately.

How long does an appointment last?

Your first visit, due to the intake process, will take 1-1.5 hours and subsequent visits can last up to an hour.

How often will I need to come for treatments?

Depending on each individuals needs anywhere from 6-12 treatments. Many practitioners recommend a long-term prevention plan with ongoing treatments 3-5 months apart. Your acupuncturist will create a treatment plan that includes the modalities used as well as the frequency and duration of the treatment.