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Copy of Quan Yin by Laura Zollar

(Quan Yin painting by Laura Zollar)

My daughter often tells people about “Denise, the Acupuncture Girl”, and I think that just confirms what we already knew, Denise is a super hero. - Leslie Y.
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Summer and Chinese medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Heart is in charge of governing Blood, controlling the blood vessels and sweat. Emotional and spirit issues of the heart include insomnia, palpitations, mania and shock. The Heart helps us connect with others, bringing us joy, compassion, and love. It brings us closer to our true self.


Acupuncture and pregnancy

Acupuncture and herbs can help women get pregnant, stabilize the fetus, prevent threatened miscarriage, help with morning sickness, back pain and many more issues that may arise.  Acupuncture can also be very effective for cervical ripening and an alternative to medical labor induction.


acupuncture for immune health

“I was a total skeptic. I didn’t believe acupuncture could help me. I was really sick. I didn’t have health insurance. After about two days of protesting, when I was too weak to argue any longer, I was brought in to Denise for help . . .”