Introducing five element healing anointing oils from Angelica & Peony + Cicuto Acupuncture

In Late Summer 2015, Kirsten Cowan from Angelica & Peony and I decided to get together once a season to blend essential oils. Combining our knowledge of Chinese Medicine plus Kirsten's experience with essential oils and my studies of the five elements, we mixed many potions. Together made two blends for each of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. One is a Yin blend for strengthening and nourishing and one is a Yang blend for calming and moving.

Aromatherapy can really help access healing on an emotional and spirit level. Our blends are intended to be used mostly for emotional issues and physical issues that may be affected by our response emotional stressors (such as insomnia and headaches).

Blending Wood element oils

Blending Wood element oils

Kirsten and I tested the blends on ourselves, our friends, and our patients for over a year. We debuted them at the Karma Clinic fundraiser at Energy Matters Acupuncture & Qigong in April 2017 with acupressure and essential oil treatments.

What's different about these healing anointing oils?

There are a lot of essential oil blends out there. What sets our blends apart:

  • We include some Chinese herb essential oils from Alchemica Botanica in each one. It's exciting for us as Chinese herbalists to be able to include them.
  • We make our oil blends in sacred space (with love) while contemplating the five element associations. For example, with the Wood blends we focused on the spirit of the Wood element that encourages growth, movement and renewal.  
  • Each pair of blends is released during the season of the element's power: Wood in Spring, Fire in Summer, Earth in Late Summer, Metal in Autumn, and Water in Winter.

How do I use the oil blends?

  • Our line of healing anointing oils can be used on pulse points, worn on a scarf, or on acupressure areas.
  • Each bottle comes with a card with suggested acupressure areas on one side, and information about some of the essential oils that are in the blends on the other side.
  • Our oil blends come in roller bottles for easy application.
  • Keep them with you so you can use them throughout the day, especially during difficult times. 
  • For practitioners, they can be a valuable addition to acupuncture, massage, and other alchemical healing work.

How do I know if I should use the yin or yang blend? Which element is right for me?

  • Indications for each oil blend are included on the 5 Element Healing Anointing Oil page on Angelica & Peony.
  • Ask your acupuncturist for advice on which elemental blend is right for you.
  • Use your "nose doctor" - smell each blend and see which one you like at that moment.
  • Feel free to ask us if you have questions.

How do I purchase them?

  • The 5 element healing anointing oil blends are available directly from Angelica & Peony.
  • They are also available at Denise's acupuncture offices.
  • Buy one or both bottles of each elemental blend throughout the year, OR
  • Pre-order the whole set of ten healing anointing oil blends. We'll ship them to you as each become available (and we'll include some surprise gifts.)
  • Look for us at pop-up events near you. (Our next one is at Denise's photography show opening at Inkblot Gallery on July 14th on Alameda, CA.) 

For more information, check out the TCM Talk videos  on our YouTube channel. We'll publish a video for each element after we release the oils blends for that season. (The video for the Wood element is here.)

Cover photos of FIRE and WOOD oils by Kirsten Cowan